Speaker Categories: Stage 2

Orrin Barrow, Kay Properties & Investments

One of the unique things about Delaware Statutory Trust investments is they allow investors to include a variety of properties with different investment goals. For example, a DST portfolio can include properties that have flexibility to increase potential returns throughout the lifecycle of the asset depending on market conditions, and properties that are designed to […]

Kari Negri, SKY Properties

An eye-opening seminar on tackling the escalating issue of tenant application fraud and safeguarding your property investments. Learn how to outsmart scammers, detect red flags, and ensure a secure rental environment for all.

Edrin Shamtob, SNS Law Group LLP

Edrin Shamtob is the senior attorney of SNS Law Group LLP with nearly a decade of experience specializing in commercial and residential evictions and unlawful detainer actions. Edrin has successfully litigated hundreds of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of disputes including eviction and landlord/tenant actions. Edrin has successfully litigated hundreds of […]

William Exeter, Exeter Group, LLC

Learn what really matters for a successful 1031 exchange. This educational seminar will include a discussion of 1031 exchange issues such as qualified use and like-kind property requirements (what really qualifies), reinvestment requirements (how much do you really need to reinvest), qualified trust accounts or qualified escrow accounts, 45 and 180 calendar day deadlines, identification […]