Exhibitor Center

This exhibitor kit contains important information regarding the show. Please take the time to thoroughly review all the information that is included in this kit. In addition to the information, there are forms for services designed to enhance your show experience. If there is another service you may be in need of, not found in this kit; please feel free to call us.

This information is time sensitive and it is important that you adhere to the deadlines to insure efficient service, as well as discount pricing. Please return all pertinent forms to the address stipulated on the forms themselves.

Exhibitor Move-In: Show Hours: Exhibitor Move-Out:
Tuesday, May 14, 2024
2:00 PM-7:30 PM
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
3:00 PM- 7:00 PM
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
7:00 AM-8:40 AM
  ALL EXHIBIT MATERIALS MUST BE REMOVED BY 6:00 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2024

*Exhibitor Badge Orders will close May 1, 2024 at 11:59pm  Badge required to enter the Hall



    • (1) 6’ Black Draped Table

    • (2) Chairs

    • (1) ID Sign

To furnish your booth area with items other than those included with the “booth space” or order electrical service, please use the order forms linked above.

Have other questions?  Please feel free to e-mail us at rsvp@ipmexpo.com


If you are using a Mobile GPS, enter this address for the most direct route: 

75 South Euclid Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101 

The loading dock is accessible from the west side of the convention center,  via Marengo Avenue.
There are two entrances for parking on the day of the Expo:(a) on Marengo Avenue, and (b) Euclid Avenue, both between Green Street and Cordova Street


The convention center’s subterranean parking structure is shared with the Sheraton Pasadena. There are two entrances, (a) on Euclid Avenue, and (b) Marengo Avenue, both between Green Street and Cordova Street. If you are using a Mobile GPS, enter this address for the most direct route:

175 South Euclid Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101


    • On-site Parking: 600 spaces

    • Additional Parking: 2,500 spaces within a one-block radius

Daily parking rates of $15 – $30 apply, depending on length of time, number of entries and spaces.

Credit card and contactless payment only.



Take the 210 freeway west to the Fair Oaks/Marengo exit. Turn left on Marengo and proceed 4 blocks to Green Street. Turn left onto Green Street, the Pasadena Convention Center is located on the right hand side at 300 E. Green.


Take the 210 freeway east to the Colorado Blvd. exit 25A (on the left). Keep right toward Colorado Blvd. Turn left on West Walnut. Turn right onto Marengo and proceed 4 blocks to Green Street. Turn left onto Green Street. The Pasadena Convention Center is located on the right hand side at 300 E. Green.


Take the 134 east to the 210 east and exit at Fair Oaks/Marengo. Follow Corson to Marengo Ave. Turn right on Marengo and proceed 4 blocks to Green Street. Turn left onto Green Street. The Pasadena Convention Center is located on the right hand side at 300 E. Green.


Take the 110 freeway north to the end of the freeway. Proceed north on Arroyo Parkway. Turn right onto Green Street. The Pasadena Convention Center is located two blocks down on the right hand side at 300 E. Green.


In order to keep the appearance of the show in a professional manner; no Velcro, pins, hooks, tape, staples, or any like matter will be permitted to hang through, from or on the drape. For safety reasons, standing on tables, chairs, or other rental equipment is strictly prohibited. Show Ready cannot be held responsible for injuries or falls caused by the improper use of rental furniture.


All shipping information including shipping dates and times for advance warehouse and direct shipping can be found with the Material Handling Order Form. Please review these dates and times accordingly.
SHOW READY realizes that exhibiting in a convention can be complicated and confusing. Therefore, please read all materials carefully. If you should need further assistance or additional information not covered in the exhibitor kit, please contact us at (909) 468-0444.


Upon show closing, the aisle carpet (if any) will be rolled and removed allowing forklifts to return all empty crates and storage materials to the booths.

The Exhibitor is Responsible for Properly Labeling ALL Shipments, Providing Show Ready with a Bill of Lading by the Close of the Show, & ALL Shipping Charges Billed by the Carrier, Regardless of the Outbound Method used to Ship Booth Materials

Once you are in line at the dock, DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended at any time; if you do, your vehicle will be towed.

Bill of Ladings for outbound shipments via your choice of carrier:


    1. Please have your carrier arrive in plenty of time to have your freight loaded before the deadline.

    1. Drivers are to go to the check in area.

    1. When all of your materials are completely packed and ready to go, please turn in a Bill of Lading at the Service Desk.
      For Exhibitors with privately owned vehicles who cannot hand carry all booth materials (POV):

    1. When all of your materials are completely packed and ready to go, drive your vehicle to the loading dock & check in.

    1. You will be loaded according to the order of check-in.
      For Exhibitors with Company or Rented Trucks:

    1. When all of your materials are completely packed and ready to go, please go to the service desk to receive a Bill of Lading to to be filled out.

    1. Once the Bill of Lading is filled out, you will be directed to the loading dock where you will be loaded in the order you were processed.
      For Exhibitors using Show Ready’s Show Carrier, UPS Freight:

    1. When all your materials are completely packed and ready to go, please go to the service desk to receive a Bill of Lading to to be completely filled out.

    1. Make sure all of your materials are properly labeled & leave them clearly visible INSIDE your booth space.

    1. If you do not have an account with UPS Freight, they will bill the receiver at the time of delivery of your materials.

Exhibitors are allowed to move materials that can be “hand carried” by one (1) person without the use of dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical devise.

No vehicles of any type will be allowed to park on the loading dock without permission.


The Pasadena Convention Center is easily accessible for move in and move out.

Featuring an underground loading bay with 7 docks and 5 freight elevators, the loading dock is accessible from the west side of the convention center, via Marengo Avenue.

Move-in times will be assigned to you by show management. Please arrive at your scheduled move-in time in order to maintain schedule, as the schedule is heavily enforced.

Oversize vehicle parking will be available on the south side of the loading dock. Use of this area during load in/load out and during the event will be coordinated by Event Management and the Pasadena Convention Center Parking Department on a case by case basis.

All vehicles entering and exiting the loading dock will be required to drive in head first. The southwest corner of the loading dock has been designated as a turn around area. Vehicles will be able to use this area to turn around in order to back into the loading bays.

Dock coordinators will be positioned at the top and bottom of the loading dock ramp to control ingress/egress and enforce the following policies:


    • Exhibitors are given 30 minutes to unload.

    • Once unloaded, your vehicle must be removed from the loading dock.

    • Personal vehicles have the option of parking in the Pasadena Convention Center Parking Garage at prevailing rates.

    • Freight elevators are operated by Pasadena Convention Center personnel only.


Booth size may vary but will include at least three (3) foot high side curtain dividers and an eight foot high curtain backdrop.   Exhibit space rental does not include water, carpeting, exhibit furnishings or additional curtains which may be obtained from the official decorating and/or electrical company.  The names of these companies are available from show management upon request.


Display material of any nature may be placed at a height not exceeding eight feet from the facility floor across the back of the booth.   The display may have sides extending four feet from the back wall to eight feet in height.  The balance of the side space can be no more then three feet high.  Any consideration for the waiver of said regulation must be submitted in writing to the show management with a complete explanation.  There is an additional $100 fee paid to the show management for processing a variance of this regulation.  No banners, decorations, advertising materials, signs or special exhibits will be permitted outside the assigned booth area.  No adhesive backed (stick on) decals or similar items may be used or distributed in anywhere in or around the facility.

Exhibitor may not apply paint, adhesives or other coating to the facility columns, floors, walls or any surface.  Exhibitors shall not affix any items directly on the draperies supplied for the show.  Exhibitor shall not deface any part of the facility, including penetration of asphalt or concrete surfaces, nor shall it display any hanging signs, pictures, notices or advertisements from the piping, conduits, columns, walls, or ceilings either on the outside or inside of the facility without the expressed written consent of show management.  Exhibitor agrees to pay for damages, expenses or costs incurred from repair or removal of any paint, adhesives, or any other coatings from the facility applied by Exhibitor.

Electrical, gas, water, telephone and other such services that may be required by Exhibitor are provided only when the Exhibitor orders and agrees to pay for such utilities specifically from the authorized service contractor to supply such services in conformity with city, insurance and other requirements.  Upon written request, the show management will provide information with regard to the authorized service contractor.

No flammable or hazardous materials of any type, including decorative materials, or any material which is prohibited by national, state or local fire regulations or other regulations may be used in any area.


Samples, souvenirs, literature, etc. shall be distributed only from within the assigned space of the Exhibitor.  Exhibitors soliciting outside of their booth space will be given one written warning.  The next violation will be assessed and charged a $50 fee.  The third violation will have cause for the booth to be closed and Exhibitor shall be prohibited from use of the space during the show.  All costs by show management with regard to closing or dismantling booth will be charged to the Exhibitor.  Exhibitor will not receive a refund for booth closing.


High Speed Wi-Fi is available for purchase through Encore at the Pasadena Convention Center.  The flat rate for Wi-Fi is determined per device.  To order, connect to the Convention Center WiFi and follow the instructions.  For more information, please contact the on-site Encore Representative.


The Pasadena Convention Center and Visit Pasadena work closely with our local public health officials. Our team is ready and available to support you in adjusting to local and state health guidelines. Requirements may vary by event, please check with the event organizer

Masks are not required for individuals regardless of vaccination status. The state’s health order and federal regulations continue to require masks, regardless of vaccination status, in high risk locations. (Details).

At the Pasadena Convention Center and Civic Auditorium, we are hard at work, dedicated to providing a safe space to bring people together. We have taken measures to establish more stringent cleaning and disinfecting, as well as safety best practices to support the health and wellness of everyone that visits our venue. We want our guests to have confidence and peace of mind during their visit and visibly see the commitment we have made to maintaining exceptional, health-conscious conditions. Our protocols align with all state and local health guidance. View our key health and safety protocols and practices.