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Daniel Yukelson and Matt McGarty

Rent Control is Back on the Ballot in 2024 – Learn What You Must Do to Defeat It! The Proposed Justice for Renters Act Will Strip You of Your Property Rights! Learn what you can do to help defeat this latest attack on rental housing providers. We did it in 2018 and 2020, we can […]

Dennis Block, Esq., Dennis P. Block & Associates

Dennis P. Block is the founder and managing partner of the LAW FIRM OF DENNIS P. BLOCK AND ASSOCIATES. The firm specializes in residential and commercial eviction of tenants. Founded in 1976, the firm has become the leading eviction law firm in tenant eviction in the State of California. To date, the firm has handled […]

Rusty Tweed, TFS Properties

We are in uncertain economic times and many investors are unsure as to what will happen to the real estate market. Join TFS as we take a look at what to expect in the latter half of 2022 & how you can use a 1031 Exchange to better position yourself for this recession.