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Daniel Yukelson and Susan Shelley

 RENTAL HOUSING LEGISLATIVE UPDATE  Daniel Yukelson | Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles  Susan Shelley | Writer and Columnist for the Southern California News Group    Today’s regulatory environment is making the rental housing business far too complicated and carries far more risks and higher costs. We’ll discuss many new state laws that will surely […]

Michael Brennan

 A LANDLORD’S GUIDE TO NAVIGATING THE EVICTION LANDSCAPE NOW & MOVING FORWARD  This seminar explains which evictions landlords may or may not move forward with in the current environment, as well as how that will change in the coming months. It also addresses the most common issues faced by landlords under the local eviction moratoriums […]

Rusty Tweed & Edward Weng

 UPGRADE YOUR PORTFOLIO W/ A 1031 EXCHANGE & INSIGHTS ON THE ECONOMY AND RECESSION We are in uncertain economic times and many investors are unsure as to what will happen to the real estate market. Join TFS as we take a look at what to expect in the latter half of 2022 & how you […]

Dennis P. Block

 THE MORATORIUM CONTINUES: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE Dennis P. Block is the founder and managing partner of the LAW FIRM OF DENNIS P. BLOCK AND ASSOCIATES. The firm specializes in residential and commercial eviction of tenants. Founded in 1976, the firm has become the leading eviction law firm in tenant eviction in the […]

Orrin Barrow

FOUR OF THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS WE HEAR FROM 1031EXCHANGE DELAWARE STATUTORY TRUST INVESTORS Orrin began in the industry working for a 1031 exchange sponsor company. He was responsible foreducating CPAs, real estate brokers and qualified intermediaries on the 1031 investment marketplaceand the importance of 1031 exchanges in the real estate marketplace.

David Tashroudian and Helen Fower

 MAXIMIZE INCOME FROM YOUR MULTIFAMILY PROPERTY WHILE FOLLOWING ALL NEW MULTIFAMILY STATE LAWS  We’ll discuss adding value and rental income to your property through accessory dwelling units (ADUs), while fulfilling all your property’s legal requirements such as seismic retrofitting and the new state law mandating balcony and deck inspections through SB326 and SB721.